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Career Opportunities

Moving Up

Reaching your full potential requires the right opportunities and resources. At Sentry, we invested in our employee's development through coaching, training, and various feedback programs.

We recognize that leadership is within each employee, not just a top-down process. That's why Sentry aims to promote within. We understand and value our employee's experience, commitment, and service.

Our company is structured in a fashion which promotes leadership, team-focused work, and well-rounded individuals. We encourage our employees to be super-stars!

Public Safety Officer (PSO)

A Public Safety Officer is the common and desired entry-level position for all new employees.
At the core, we fundamentally believe every employee is essentially a PSO. This is certainly the case during emergencies and other times of chaos. The skill set and exposure employee's receive during their term as a PSO is key to their future development.

Depending on applicants' skill level and experience, some may qualify to begin as an Senior PSO.

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