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A Career With Sentry

We're always looking for leaders and Public Safety professionals. We have opportunities regardless of where you are in your career. Sentry offers a wide variety of job opportunities for former military, reservists, and public safety professionals, as well as other eligible candidates.

Whether it's providing on-site services, special details, or mobile patrols - you will discover a new kind of job satisfaction with industry-leading training, wages, benefits, and career development opportunities.

On the Front Lines

At Sentry, we are working to make our nation a more secure place.

Our officers are on the front lines serving many local businesses and communities collectively. Places which require professionals with special skills and a commitment to keep everyone happy and safe.

Pioneers of Innovation

Our officers are the core of our organization. Not only do they insure safety and peace of mind for our clients; but also lead the industry in innovative practices.

We take pride in our officer's training, experience, and unique talents.

Take action now!

If you have served in the Armed Forces or in the Public Safety sector, we have opportunities for you.
If not, then you've come to the right place to start. Sentry is always looking for responsible team members.

So Apply Online or check out our Available Positions.

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