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Healthcare is a unique environment. Patients and families expect an accessible, safe, and secure medical center.

We're devoted to the collaborative care of patients and their families. We understand the unique challenges which occur within the medical industry.

Our healthcare friendly officers are IAHSS and BLS certified and focus on:

  • Screening persons entering and leaving the property
  • Protection of patients and staff
  • JACO, HIPPA, and other compliance assistance
  • Custody & guardianship issues
  • EMTALA & accessibility issues
  • Psychiatric and emotional crises
  • Patient restraint
  • Medical code response


We understand how important our image is to our retail clients. That's why we take extensive measures to ensure our staff are professional, courteous, and well dressed.

Whether a vendor is having troubles with theft, or a visitor is trying to find something; Sentry promotes a safe and welcome atmosphere for everyone.

Our officers receive extensive training on:

  • Being a visual deterrent
  • Conflict resolution among crowds
  • Handling theft and shoplifters
  • Locating and reuniting lost children/ family members
  • Finding a misplaced vehicle
  • Preventing vandalism and potential damage / loss of property
  • Handicap accessibility enforcement
  • Fire curb & parking enforcement


With fiscal restraints ever so present, Sentry provides a secure yet cost effective solution for government organizations of all kinds.

We understand our government client's have a unique mission. And we're here to help.

Sentry is an efficient company which takes a serious approach to safeguarding our national infrastructure such as:

  • Schools, Universities, and alternative behavioral centers
  • Libraries, Court rooms, town-halls, and other municipality buildings
  • Government housing areas
  • Public assistance centers
  • Utility systems
  • Secure facilities

Our officers are mostly military or public safety veterans holding active security clearance through the Department of Defence and proudly US citizens.

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