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Dedicated Commanders and Supervisors

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Each facility we safeguard, has a dedicated supervisor to serve as the post commander.
This commander serves as the liaison between your staff, our officers, and our headquarters.

Our officers have access to a supervisor around-the-clock so that they can ask questions or request assistance. We value our client's peace of mind, handling situations big and small, so they can focus on other matters.

Unique Management Philosophy

In our eyes, leadership is not a top-down system, but rather a bottom-up system. All of our officers are trained and evaluated as leaders. And as leaders, we insure they go beyond the basics.

Our officers receive quarterly performance reviews, strong career development, and constant performance feedback. Likewise our officers evaluate our management. This makes sure we foster a fair, professional, and approachable environment.

All employees, regardless of position, are held to the same standards.
Our officers are always well disciplined and trained to work independently or within in a team.

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