A force for good, rising to any challange.

Officer's Commitment to Serve

A Committed Workforce

Our officer's inspiration and passion to serve is the heart of our company. Without their devotion, care, and courage; our company wouldn't be a industry leader.

Many officers desire the adventure of helping others and to improve their community. While others want to pursue a rewarding career in public safety. Whatever the cause, Sentry brings highly motivated and talented officers to our client's doorstep. Individuals who take pride in their chosen profession and are reliable to serve your unique needs.

Keeping the flame lit

We like to think of our selves as not just a company, but rather a huge family.

The need for our our officers to remain motivated and inspired is paramount in our success. That's why we make it a priority to continuously encourage our officers by being involved in there lives, rewarding their hard work, and understanding what truly drives them.

Proudly Employing Veterans

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We hire former military, reservists, and public safety professionals who are dedicated to bringing our clients the best possible solutions and outcomes.

Doing so, allows our officers to be more diverse and resilient. It also provides Sentry with a way of saying "thank you" and honouring our veterans.

By employing veterans, they stay in-line with the things they enjoy doing most: answering the call.

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