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Officer's Certifications and Accreditations

Accreditation is Important

We recognize the importance of certifying and accrediting our officers when possible, specifically in the security sector. Not only does it make them more skilled, but also keeps them sharp and well educated in their responsibilities and the complexity of today's laws.

Our employees are tested and certified by the
International Association for Healthcare Safety and Security as either a:
  • Basic Security Officer
  • Advance Security Officer
  • Security Supervisor
Additionally, expert officers attend the police academy and become commissioned peace officers.

Use of Force

Our officers are certified to use reasonable force, including deadly force, for lawful purposes. Beyond taking carry concealed courses, each officer is trained by state certified instructor and are held to the same use of force standards of commissioned police officers.

We review our use of force program and the regulations regarding the use of force each quarter. Additionally, our officers are provided quarterly updates and re-qualify with their weapons annually to maintain proficiency.

Basic Life Support

Our officers are certified to respond to emergency medical situations and render advance aid to patients.

Officer are initial certified as a Basic Life Support (BLS) Healthcare Provider allowing them to provide critical medical support to patients. Between their third and forth year of service, officer's are trained and certified as a National Registered Emergency Medical Technician - Basic (NREMT-B) allowing them to provide exceptional medical support to patients.

Hazmat and Fire Suppression

Our officers receive specialized certification from local fire departments on our client's specific facilitates at least once annually. This training includes hazmat identification, spill containment, and life safety standards. Officer's also receive training on basic rescue operations, site evacuations, and mass-casualty triage.

Homeland Security Mitigation

Unfortunately, major security threats are a growing reality to today's America.

Our officers receive training and certification from agencies such as the FEMA's Emergency Management Institute and the Department of Homeland Security on items such as: human trafficking, bomb detection, counter-terrorism operations, and active shooter response.

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