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Officer's Screening

Extensively Screened

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Sentry is unlike other public safety companies. We feel strongly a successful public safety program is directly dependent on the quality of its officers. As with most police and fire departments, our employees go through an extensive selection process. Our comprehensive approach to screening and hiring applicants ensure we employ only the best-qualified.

Physical and Psychological Assessment

Our officers are assessed three times a year.
This includes, but is not limited to:
  • Ensuring they are in good health physically health
  • Are physically fit and pass our fitness test
  • Are mentally competent to execute their duties
  • Are not taking any medication which could impare their judgement/ abilities to perform

Officers are evaluated daily to insure they are "fit for duty", and are obligated to inform us of any problems which may interfere their job performance. Officers are also extensively screened after any serious incident occurs making sure they have adequate time off to recover.

Background Check and Investigation

Our company conducts a comprehensive background check on each employee before we offer them employment. Then each year after. The scope of this background check includes at a minimum:
  • Criminal history
  • Civil history
  • National wants and warrants
  • Credit report
  • Social security report
  • Previous employer verification
  • Reference verification
  • Education verification
  • Driving history

Officers are obligated to inform us of any changes to their background.

Drug Tested

We are very selective in our hiring process and test applicants for illegal and frequently abused prescribed drugs before we offer them employment.

Additionally, we have a zero tolerance policy towards any drug and alcohol abuse. Each month we perform random drug tests, testing 10% of our total workforce. Officers which test positive or abuse substances will be terminated immediately.

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