A force for good, rising to any challange.


Versatile to overcome
any challenge

In a nutshell, our officers are the best trained, equipped, and supported in the industry!
And they're ready to handle virtually any situation you throw at them.

Our vigilant officers (or Sentries) are the core of our organization. Not only do they insure safety and peace of mind for our clients; but also lead the industry in performance and best practices.

Superior Officers By Design

What makes our officers superior?
  • Committed Staff
    Our officers are fully committed to serving our clients and take pride in their jobs.

  • High Values and Morals
    Integrity is the key to public safety. At Sentry, we only hire individuals of the high moral standard.

  • Strong Conduct
    Officers work under a shared code of conduct and vow to maintain an expert level of professionalism.

  • Carefully Screened
    They are frequently screened to ensure they remain fit-for-duty and are qualified to serve.

  • Fully Certified and Accredited
    Are fully certified and accredited by both private and public organizations.

  • Sharp Appearance
    Maintain a sharp appearance, which is approachable yet conveys authority to others.

  • Best Equipped in the Industry
    Officers are equipped with the latest weapon systems and ground-breaking technologies. Making them quite resourceful during any situation.

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