A force for good, rising to any challange.

Core Services

Your needs is our mission.
We offer over 80 unique programs in addition to our core services.
Feel free to contact us any time for inquires.

On-site Services

Infrastructural Support

Our dedicated officers and staff work around-the-clock, and we're here to help.

Our services are fully tailored to meet your needs. What ever they may be.

Life Safety Inspections

Our officers can fight fires, manage chemical spills, and prevent hazardous incidents.

By inspect our client's entire property to insure its safe and clean. If we discover something dangerous, we'll ensure it gets resolved immediately.

Emergency Medical Response

Our officers are either certified as a BLS Healthcare Providers or EMTs.

We can give life saving medical care before the local fire department arrives greatly enhancing your changes for survival.

Protective Services

We fully understand our obligation to our clients and the general public. Our officer know the law, and more importantly... when to use it. Your image is important to us, so use proven methods are professional, morally, and ethical sound.

Threat Mitigation

Unfortunately terrorism is a real threat to most semi-public facilities that is often easily overlooked. Sentry takes major preventative efforts to minimize these incidents. Officers are extensively trained in detecting and mitigating major situations.

Mobile Services

Patrol Stops

Some businesses can't afford a full-time on-site officer.

Instead, Sentry can provide both scheduled and random patrol stops from our mobile officers. Our officer can then complete any on-site tasks as they normally would.

Alarm and Emergency Response

In the event of a sudden issues or service request, our mobile officers can respond to your facility any time.

Our vehicles are all marked and outfitted with GPS, lights, and siren. Allowing for a speedy response.

Roadside Assistance

We can assist motorists with vehicle unlocks, jump starts, inflating or replacing tires, getting gas, and (if all else fails) contacting a tow-truck.

Regardless of the cause, we've all been there, and were here to assist you.

Traffic Control and Parking Enforcement

Traffic and parking can be a messy operation. Thankfully, we're handle that.

We can direct traffic flow, manage parking control, issue vehicle citations, and even provide roadside flagging services for construction projects.

Vehicle Escorts

Sentry provides both armed and unarmed escorts for a variety of situations. We can serve as Pilot Cars for oversized loads or escort armoured vehicles needing additional protection. We can provide any level of services desired. Contact us to learn more.

Speciality Services

Event Security

Our officers can provide a variety of services for special events such as crowd control, theft/ loss-prevention, entrance screening, and perimeter security.

We can tailor our service to just about any request.

High Risk Protection

Sentry can provide a high level of security and oversight in high risk or high crime areas. Our High Risk Officers (HROs) are hand chosen and at a minimum are fully-armed and have combat experience or equivalent training.

Valuables Transport

We can transport or assist you with transport of valuables and other high risk assets. We can transport jewels, monies, and other valuables for a variety of businesses and individuals.

Off-site Surveillance and Communications

Our dispatchers are able to monitor post's cameras, answer phones, vet both emergency and non-emergency service requests, and keep clients and communities informed on on-going issues.

Safety and Security Consultation/ Planning

Our officers and management can provide clients with a variety of consultation and planning services. Regardless of the event, our safety and security expertise will benefit your home or business insuring it's safe and secure.

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